The iDos Games Platform is a full-service system for developers to build or integrate blockchain-based play-to-earn economies into their games, increasing engagement and unlocking new business and game models by making blockchain accessible and allowing players to become stakeholders in their favorite games.

Our platform can be added to pre-existing game economies or built into the design of a new game from the ground up, and we have built marketplace to offer you expert-level guidance as you go through ideation, design, architecture and implementation of the iDos Games Platform.

What will you get when you connect to the Platform?

Smart Shop

The AI-based Smart Shop system builds the store based on the player’s preferences

Referral System

Invite friends by sending referral links and earn 3% of their spending in the Store and Market


Trade your items and skins with other players within the game as well as on the website

Crypto Wallet

Withdraw and deposit Cryptocurrencies and NFT items into the game


Take top places and get valuable rewards. Be the best of the best

Daily Rewards

Get daily valuable rewards for visiting the game

Smart Subscription System

Smart Subscription System increases conversion to in-game subscriptions

Smart Advertising System

Smart Ad System maximizes in-game ad revenue