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After I got out of running my first business, I opened a small coffee shop in a business center with seating. I decided to try my hand at catering.

I worked there for two years, and decided to change direction. I opened an island selling original watches and accessories. I worked there for about 2 years, and had to close it as unprofitable.

In 2014 I got married and started my family. In 2016 my first daughter was born. During this period I started having financial problems.

During this period, I got depressed and didn’t want to do anything. But I had a family to support, and money does not come to you by itself. I had no money to start a new business, and then I thought about business without investment or take a hired job.

I spent 24/7 studying website development on wordpress. And realized how to quickly and cheaply make sites without knowledge of programming language (at that time I understood a little bit of html). Took my first orders for the development of landing pages and then had enough money to rent an apartment and food. From that time I just started selling what I know: website development, SEO promotion, advertising, business processes automation (CRM, accounting system) etc.

More and more clients (word of mouth helped), but less and less time, and then the prices of the services I provided began to rise. Earnings grew and I began to save money and accumulated money to invest in cars to rent them for Yandex Taxi.

The number of my cars reached 10 units and I had a lot of accidents and trials. And this direction was secondary and took a lot of time and effort. At 3-4 in the morning a driver or mechanic could call and report an accident, and we had to go to the accident site and deal with the documents and traffic police.

With this business I started to deal with car repairs and I ran into insurance companies that lowered the damage estimate by up to 2 times. In fact, they were violating the law directly, although they had regulatory documents according to which they were supposed to do damage calculations.

I also invested in vending coffee machines. Yes, the earnings are less, but the hassle is minimal, but it is also easy to scale.

The advantage of this business is that the human factor is reduced to a minimum. In fact, the cashier and barista are replaced by one machine and it works 24/7. And thanks to this automation the client receives a natural coffee beans for 200 tenge ($ 1), a similar drink the client receives in any other coffee shop for 1000 tenge ($ 5), the price difference of 5 times.

Slowly moving to the stage of game development.

Recently, a lot of free time appeared and I thought about what I was interested in all this time, and that is video games. I’ve been playing games since I was 3 years old, I started with dandy and sega. When I was a kid I used to play a lot of games with my dad. Later, when there was a computer at home, started playing on the computer. My favorite genres were strategy and shooters.

At the beginning of 2020 I even upgraded my computer for games, last time I upgraded in 2011. Ever since I was a kid I dreamt of having such a powerful computer, even though I didn’t have such powerful computers in my childhood :)

Also in early 2020 I had the idea of making money from my hobby with games. At first I thought about streaming games, but then the idea fell away, as with 3 young children you can’t post) The idea of game development remained. The first time I heard about the Unity engine in 2015, I remember even installed it, and after a little poking around the interface, I did not understand anything and uninstalled it.

This time I understood that I had to learn programming and understand Unity, the choice was between Unity and Unreal Engine, I chose Unity.

I’ve been trying to learn programming since 2015, but I couldn’t figure it out. And in 2020 I did learn…