My name is Aidos (Founder iDos Games) and I’ll tell you a little bit about myself so you can get to know me.

I graduated high school in 2010 and was faced with the decision of choosing a major and a career path. During that time, I worked as a construction worker during my breaks. I loved math and physics in school and always excelled in these subjects.

The main challenge in making my decision was the fact that I needed to receive a grant because my parents were unable to pay for my education. After taking the unified national exam, I applied to several programs, including Nuclear Physics and Civil Engineering. I grew up in Semey, but I applied to universities in Almaty because I wanted to move to the big city.

I was accepted into KazGASA as a construction major and was able to receive a dorm room and a scholarship of 15,000 tenge ($100) per month. I lived in Almaty and was able to support myself on this amount. In 2012, at the start of my third year of university, I started a small business selling flooring materials.

This is the first retail outlet, before the first sale it looked like this. There was no table, chair, or lighting. There was only enough money for the first month of rent)

Then I didn’t understand how business works at all and began studying everything related to business development. Then I realized that the most effective way to move forward was online and needed a website or online store. But I couldn’t program and found an online store builder, on which I made my first online store.

I entered the dashboard and the transaction history was saved there, but there was no website (I wanted to show you my first website)

I advertised through Google’s contextual advertising. At the time, no one else was advertising there in Kazakhstan. One click cost 1 cent, and I also used a promo code that gave $100 for advertising (the cost of the promo code was $3).

In the third month of our work, we made a clear profit of about 1,000,000 tenge ($6,666) in October. I was shocked because I was living on 15,000 tenge ($100) a month at the time. I didn’t know how to spend the money and it just started to accumulate in my deposit.

Later, I realized that the money needed to be invested in new offline points on construction markets, and I began to open trading points. I opened about 5 points in 2 major cities of Kazakhstan, Almaty and Astana.

The first outlet, after a couple of months of work

At that time, my parents lived in Semey and earned a salary of approximately 40-50 thousand tenge ($300) per month. My mother worked as a paramedic-lab assistant, and my father was a dispatcher in a private company (where he worked for about 15 years).

When I first started my entrepreneurial journey, my parents were categorically against it, as it would interfere with my studies. But after I started getting results 10 times more than what my parents earned together in a month, the attitude changed.

I called my dad and asked him if he would like to receive his monthly salary in one day, to which I got a positive answer. He wrote a resignation letter, worked a couple of weeks, and came to Almaty. We trained him and sent him to Astana.

Since then, my dad has been in Astana, later my mom joined him. My older brother came to me in Almaty after he graduated education from Semey. So now this business has become a family one.

After some time, I decided to step down from managing this business and continue studying and exploring other niches…

And you will ask: where is the information about game development? It will be in the next articles. The history has been divided into several parts, otherwise it would be very long.

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