Remember recently only the lazy did not talk about STEPN. The hype around this project was huge, people from all over the world devastated the shelves with STEPN sneakers. But why is this? All of a sudden decided to go in for sports and keep fit? It would be really great, but no, people had a motivation, and a weighty one, and this, of course, is earnings.

The success of STEPN launched a new movement in the industry. The name was given to him – Move-to-Earn (M2E). The concept of Move-to-Earn (M2E) is quite simple.

M2E projects tokenize physical activity or exercise through NFTs, native tokens, the blockchain ecosystem, and a device that can track movement (such as a smartphone or a wearable device such as a smartwatch or fitness tracker).

Thus, users can earn cryptocurrency or NFTs (or a combination of both) depending on how much they exercise or how many fitness-related goals and tasks they complete.

In many cases, Move-to-Earn users have to buy or rent NFTs (such as tokenized running shoes) to enable them to generate income. Many of these assets have limited earning potential and owning or upgrading them allows owners to maximize their income.

Simply put, although this model is similar to Play-to-Earn, Move-to-Earn aims to encourage users to exercise more and lead a healthier lifestyle by offering them rewards for running, walking and participating in various sports.

In addition to the aforementioned STEPN, there are other projects that we will now tell you about.

Smilers App
The development of Ukrainian programmers will literally make you smile. Thanks to the Smilers.App mobile application, users can earn tokens for a good mood and participation in a fun battle. To earn money, users just need to download the application on their mobile phone, connect a crypto wallet, buy or rent one of the Smillers cartoon NFT tokens and smile for at least 15 seconds a day. Artificial intelligence technologies can recognize human facial expressions, and as soon as you start smiling, the application credits you with SMM tokens.

Galvan developers have gone even further and turned their Move2Earn project into a global medical ecosystem. Now users must not only exercise to earn tokens, but also confirm their health level by passing a remote examination by doctors using telemedicine technology. In order to receive IZE tokens, users must not only play sports, but also monitor their daily routine, sleep, nutrition, and other factors. To do this, you need a smart watch that can record all human activity during the day. Based on the data received, project tokens will be credited for a week or a month of activity. The more correct your lifestyle, the more tokens you will receive.
In 2023, the developers also plan to keep mental health indicators, create NFT medical records, and much more.

Another Move2Earn application, which is aimed at dance and football lovers. It is not enough for participants to simply play or engage in their favorite hobby. It is important to record every workout on a mobile phone camera and participate in company battles. For each victory, users will be able to receive MOOV tokens, which can be sold on the exchange or spent on the internal marketplace by purchasing collectible NFTs.