Today we are finishing a wonderful arc about the history of mobile games.

But it’s not just casual games that keep the market going. There are studios that are engaged in porting “big” genres to mobile devices – for example, NetEase. This is a Chinese company that has already released four battle royales. In addition to them, on the NetEase page in digital stores, you can download various RPG, MOBA and strategy games. And for fans of Dead by Daylight, the Chinese studio has prepared Identity V, a horror game with asymmetric gameplay in which four survivors must run away from a maniac.

NetEase is clearly not going to stop there: in 2018, she made a deal with Bungie to co-create a new mobile game. Diablo Immortal is also their project.

Another Chinese company, Tencent, is also adapting popular games. She owns PUBG Mobile, the popular MOBA game Arena of Valor, and the action game CrossFire: Legends. Tencent has big plans for the industry – in 2016, it bought out 84% of the shares of Supercell, which allowed it to take about 13% of the mobile games market share.

If you’ve come to the mobile platform looking for a truly new gaming experience, then you should look into AR. In this area, first of all, it attracts the attention of Niantic. The company, which started as an internal division of Google, was able to gain wide popularity thanks to the multiplayer games Pokemon Go and Ingress.

With Pokemon Go, you can look at the familiar streets of your city through the prism of augmented reality – and catch Pokemon in your favorite park. In addition, in 2019, Niantic is preparing to release a new game with geolocation – Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which will be a great opportunity to get acquainted with AR.

Despite the not-so-successful idea with AAA games for the iPad, the premium format is still alive on mobile devices – there are great platformers, and RPGs, and strategies, and racing without in-game payments.

At the moment, games in the battle royale genre are enjoying great success. Such as Call of Duty: Mobile, PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, Standoff 2 and others. Co-op mode, interesting setting, and the survival mode itself is especially attractive to users.

But the most popular and profitable game at the moment is, of course, Genshin Impact. Huge and elaborate world. Beautiful environment, attractive characters all this makes Genshin the number 1 game in the world. It is worth recognizing that there has never been such a well-developed game before. The developers have done a great job. And the game really deserves what it has now.