Metaverse. The phenomenon that everyone is talking about. But they present and explain this metaverse in different ways.

We welcome everyone to our blog and today we will try to figure everything out.

The first idea of ​​the metaverse appeared in 1992 in the science fiction novel Avalanche by Neil Stevenson. According to the plot of the book, in the 21st century, corporatocracy reigns on Earth – all power belongs to large corporations – and in addition to the real world, which is shrouded in chaos and split into several state-corporations, there is another – virtual. There, people interact with each other in the same way. The real and virtual worlds are intertwined: events in one can affect what happens in the other. The same book became the origin of the term “avatar”.

It is unlikely that many people are personally familiar with the work of Neil Stevenson. Therefore, we offer you other examples that are more familiar to the general consumer.
Cult films such as The Matrix by the Wachowski brothers and Tron by Steven Lisberger that were made before 2000 come to mind. But the term itself was coined by the writer Neil Stevenson, who wrote the book Avalanche in 1992, describing roughly the same thing that we see in The Matrix.

The essence of films and books is banal: an individual, using special devices, plunges into virtual reality (VR), there he integrates with other immersed people, and performs the entire set of influences that are available in real life.

The current definition of the metaverse is intertwined with VR, but they are not the same. The Metaverse is a subspace of virtual reality that:

– functions on a continuous structure, never turning off;
– uses plenty of technologies that immerse us in the digital world;
– forms within itself separate laws and the economy, in fact – a single state.
– it should cover different areas of life (not only games, but also work, study, communication);
– “unprecedented interoperability” – the ability to transfer your “things” from one place in the universe to another;
– decentralized management of many players, the absence of a single owner.

We are almost on the edge of the metaverse: exchanging bitcoins, playing real-time multiplayer games, acquiring art in NFTs. Some of its elements can be found, for example, in multiplayer games. Now people come to the Fortnite shooter not only to play, but also to listen to Ariana Grande’s concert. Players accumulate virtual currency that can be used to unlock equipment and other things to customize their avatars. Nvidia has launched the Omniverse platform, which allows real-time collaboration in 3D space.

Mark Zuckerberg, not so long ago, presented his vision of the metaverse. Meta developers believe that Metaverse can be based on the convergence of virtual and augmented reality. Now users can already communicate in the digital worlds of the Horizon application using Oculus Quest 2 glasses. Mark Zuckerberg announced the start of work on the “three-dimensional Internet”, thanks to which users will turn from mere consumers of content into full-fledged content components.

Imagine. In a few years it will be possible to play with friends and chat in the metaverse. Go to school and work, earn money, have fun. The metaverse will be a very safe place even if some kind of virus attacks again. This is really a big step for the whole world.