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iDos Games Chain

iDos Games Chain is an L2 zkEVM network focused on gaming and AI projects, offering low cost, unlimited scalability, Ethereum security and compatibility with smart contracts (equivalent to EVM).

In conjunction with the iDos Games SDK, blockchain projects can be launched in a matter of days!

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Why our Web3 games?

NFT games

Enjoy the game without the need for investing money with our Web3 games, which is completely free to play. Play anytime, anywhere with the mobile version of our game. In our game, the focus is on the game itself, and earning cryptocurrency is a nice bonus that you can get by becoming the best player. Come and join us!

Digital assets Marketplace

NFT marketplace
NFT marketplace
NFT marketplace

Digital assets marketplace is an online platform where users can sell, buy, and exchange Digital assets from our games. Our Digital assets marketplace is unique in that all Digital assets created by any user can be used in our iDos Games.

Our Advisors

Mike Fischer
Professor of Interactive Media at University of Southern California, ex-CEO of Square Enix, Head of Publishing at Epic Games, Vice President of Digital Video & Music at Amazon
Vladislav Martynov
Founder of BlockRock Capital Investment Fund, Educational Platform Strategic Advisor, Director of Ethereum competence center

Staking / Farming

Send IGT and IGC to contract to earn cryptocurrency

Earn USDT – Stake IGT

Earn USDC – Stake IGT

Earn DAI – Stake IGT

Earn IGC – Stake IGT

Core Team

iDos / CTO
Alisher / 3D Artist
Alexey / CEO
Aibol / Developer
Raul / Lead Developer
Andrew / Developer

Our Partners

Founder’s Diary

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