2048 Cube Crypto IGT

2048 Merge Chain Cube: Crypto NFT blockchain game. 2048 is one of the most popular and interesting hyper casual games in the world. And there are very different variations of these multi-colored cubes. Easy gameplay and relaxing effect of the game itself can attract the attention of any gamer for a long time. You can’t hide it, we know you love 2048 puzzles and games! So don’t hesitate and download 2048 Cube Crypto IGT faster! But why should you download our version? There are several reasons, and all of them are very significant. First. A brand new take on the famous puzzle game! – Now in 3D and with fun physics! – Blocks will not stand still – they will realistically fall and bounce off each other if you hit the wrong place! The second and main reason. – Get IGT cryptocurrency and NFT skins just by playing. – Connect cubes, collect points and get rewards in cryptocurrency! – The in-game currency in the game is the IGT cryptocurrency.