1. Introduction

Types of games #

In the world of video games, there are two main types: free-to-play games (F2P) and a new kind called crypto-games, also known as Web3 games. Right now, there are more F2P games than crypto-games, but we believe this is changing fast. We think that soon, there will be even more Web3 games, and they’ll be better than F2P games in many ways.

Hybrid Web3 Games #

We’ve come up with a new kind of game called a Hybrid Web3 Game. It combines the best parts of F2P games and crypto-games. This is where our vision for the future of gaming comes to life. We’ve made a special way for game makers to create Hybrid Web3 games quickly and easily, without needing to be expert coders. With our method, using the iDos Games Chain blockchain, players can easily move their stuff from one game to another.

Linked Ecosystem #

With your help, iDos Games wants to create a big world of games and apps linked by currencies and in-game items. Here, game makers can let their creativity flow freely, and players get to really own the things they’ve earned in the games. Plus, players might even make some money from playing games they love.

Making a difference in the world #

Basically, iDos Games doesn’t just want to shake up the gaming world – we want to change it for the better. We’re all about bringing new ideas, power to the people, and making sure everyone feels included. We’re heading towards a future where gaming isn’t just about fun – it’s also about making life better for game makers and players alike. Come along with us on this exciting journey to make digital entertainment even more awesome.

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