3. iDos Games Chain

Network NameiDos Games Chain Testnet
RPC URLhttps://rpc-testnet.idos.games/
Chain ID1499
Currency SymbolIGC
Block Explorer URLhttps://igcscan.com/
EVM VersionParis

Imagine a world where blockchain gaming and AI projects can thrive without limitations. Enter iDos Games Chain, a revolutionary blockchain PoS network compatible with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) built specifically for these innovative applications. It’s a game changer that offers the best of both worlds:

Unleash the Power of Blockchain PoS #

iDos Games Chain leverages blockchain PoS technology compatible with EVM, offering incredibly low transaction fees, making it perfect for the fast-paced world of gaming and AI. Think of it as a superhighway for data, enabling transactions to occur at lightning speed without breaking the bank.

Scale to Infinity #

No project should be limited by its infrastructure. iDos Games Chain boasts unlimited scalability, meaning your game or AI application can grow as big as your imagination. No more worrying about bottlenecks or congested networks – just focus on creating amazing experiences.

The Security of a Titan #

Built on the rock-solid foundation of Ethereum security, iDos Games Chain inherits the trust and reliability of this established blockchain. Your users can rest assured knowing their assets and data are protected by the industry’s most secure protocols.

Speak the Language of Innovation #

Developers, rejoice! iDos Games Chain is fully compatible with smart contracts, specifically those designed for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This means you can leverage your existing knowledge and tools, like Remix, Foundry, and Hardhat, to seamlessly deploy your projects on the chain. No need to start from scratch – just plug and play!

Accelerate Your Vision #

Time is of the essence in today’s competitive landscape. With the iDos Games SDK (Software Development Kit), launching your blockchain project becomes a breeze. This comprehensive toolkit provides everything you need to get your game or AI application up and running in a matter of days, not months.

Fueling the Future #

The iDos Games Chain ecosystem is powered by its native token, iDos Games Coin (IGC). This versatile token serves multiple purposes:

  • Gas Station for Innovation: Think of IGC as the fuel that keeps the network running. It’s used to pay for transaction fees, ensuring smooth operation and a seamless user experience.
  • The Voice of the Community: IGC is also a governance token. Holders have the power to shape the future of the network by voting on key development proposals. Your voice matters!
  • Stake Your Claim: Believe in the potential of iDos Games Chain? You can stake your IGC tokens and earn rewards for contributing to the network’s security and stability.

Summary #

iDos Games Chain is more than just a network; it’s a breeding ground for innovation. It empowers developers and fosters the creation of next-generation gaming and AI experiences. With its focus on scalability, security, and developer-friendliness, iDos Games Chain is poised to revolutionize the future of blockchain technology.

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