iDos Games SDK this is a ready-made tool for developers of mobile games and applications, which allows you to implement features in your game literally in 30 minutes that will increase user retention and LTV, as well as revitalize the game community by adding a product marketplace and a crypto wallet to your game that will allow players to withdraw from the game virtual currency and items to a personal crypto-wallet or to another game that has the iDos Games SDK.

The iDos Games SDK also makes it easy to gamify and tokenize mobile apps.

We have designed our SDK to be as easy and quick to implement into your game or app as possible, and to be as flexible as possible to adapt to your needs.

Currently available features:
⁃ User Account
⁃ Inventory
⁃ Leaderboard
⁃ Spin
⁃ Chests
⁃ In-game Marketplace
⁃ Wallet System
⁃ Invite System
⁃ VIP subscription
⁃ Shop
⁃ NFT Marketplace
⁃ Staking

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