2. Setup iDos Games SDK in Unity

1) Import the latest iDos Games SDK with all included packages. File iDosGamesSDK.unitypackage

2) Go to the top panel of Unity “iDosGames -> Settings”.

3) In the menu that opens, you need to fill in the appropriate Settings.

1) Title ID – Project ID on the server.

2) Android Bundle ID, Ios Bindle ID, Ios App Store ID – Identifier from app stores (GooglePlay и AppStore)

3) Ad Mediation – Setting up advertising mediation of the project.

  • Ad Mediation Platform – select a mediation provider from the drop-down list, such as IronSource or Appodeal.
  • Mediation App Key (IOS/Android) – you need to create and configure a project on the provider’s website, then you will have identifiers (App Key) for the configured platforms.
  • Banner Position – from the drop-down list, you need to select where the banner ad will be located if it is enabled.
  • Banner Enabled – here you can enable or disable banner ads.
  • IronSource Add Quality Enabled – additional setting for the “IronSource” provider.

4) Analytics. App Metrica Api Key – you need to fill in if you use “App Metrica” analytics.

5) Referral System settings. If you have a tracker link without additional parameters, add the “?” sign at the end, otherwise “&”.

6) (iOS / Android) Account Deletion Enabled – the ability to delete your account by users, when checked, a button appears in the “Delete account” settings.

7) Settings for Crypto Wallet

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