iDosGames SDK Settings

All SDK settings are assigned to and received by this class.

  • Getting all the necessary data:
string titleID = IDosGamesSDKSettings.Instance.TitleID;
var mediationPlatform = IDosGamesSDKSettings.Instance.AdMediationPlatform;
. . .

TitleID (string) – project ID

(IOS/Android) Bundle ID (string) – application ID in the app store.

IosAppStoreID (string) – optional “AppStore” identifier for IOS.

AdMediationPlatform (enum) – selected mediation platform.
MediationAppKey(IOS/Android) (string) – API keys for mediation.
BannerPosition (enum) – banner display position, if it is enabled.
BannerEnabled (bool) – whether the banner is enabled.

AppMetricaApiKey (string) – API keys for “AppMetrica” analytics.

(IOS/Android) AccountDeletionEnabled (bool) – whether the ability to delete your account is enabled
account users.

WalletAppData (class) – “Crypto Wallet” settings.

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