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All actions and storage of additional data are controlled by this class.

  • Subscribe to an event

*You should subscribe to events in “OnEnable” and unsubscribe in “OnDisable” methods.

AdditionalDataService.DataRequested += OnAllDataRequested;
AdditionalDataService.DataUpdated += OnAllDataUpdated;

. . .

DataRequested – all data requested (UserInventory, TitleData, UserReadOnlyData, SkinCatalogItems).

DataUpdated – all data is ready to use.

AllDataRequestError – error while requesting all data.

TitleDataReceived – data “TitleData” received.

TitleDataUpdated – “TitleData” data is ready to be used.

UserReadOnlyDataReceived – “UserReadOnlyData” data received.

UserReadOnlyDataUpdated – “UserReadOnlyData” data is ready to be used.

SkinCatalogReceived – skin catalog data received.

SkinCatalogUpdated – skin catalog data is ready to use.

UserInventoryReceived – User inventory data received. Further, the data is processed in the “UserInventory” class.

SavedGameplayDataUpdated – Additional gameplay data has been updated.

  • Skin Data
List<SkinCatalogItem> skinCatalog = new(AdditionalDataService.AllSkinsInCatalog);
List<BigInteger> nftIDs = new(AdditionalDataService.NFTIDs);
List<string> equippedSkins = new(AdditionalDataService.EquippedSkins);

*Arrays are assigned via the new(. . .) operator, because arrays are “IReadOnlyList”.

AllSkinsInCatalog (List<SkinCatalogItem>) – an array with information about all skins in the catalog.

NFTIDs (List<BigInteger>) – array with information about all NFT identifiers.

EquippedSkins (List<string>) – array with identifiers of all skins equipped by the player.

  • Methods



. . .

RequestAllData – get all data at once. (UserInventory, TitleData, UserReadOnlyData, SkinCatalogItems) Below is an example to get all the data.

RequestUserInventory – request the player’s inventory.

RequestTitleData – request “TitleData” of the project.

RequestUserReadOnlyData – request “UserReadOnlyData” of the user.

RequestSkinCatalogItems – request a catalog of project skins.

GetTitleData – You can get “TitleData” via string or enum both above.

GetUserReadOnlyData – You can get “UserReadOnlyData” via string or enum.

GetSkinItem – returns a “SkinCatalogItem” instance that contains all the necessary information about the skin from the catalog by ID.

IsSkinEquipped – returns whether the skin is equipped or not by ID.

GetSkinRarityByCollection – returns an enum of skin rarity by collection.

GetSkinProfitByCollection – returns skin profit by collection.

UpdateEquippedSkins – update equipped skins by passing an array of identifiers.

UpdateSavedGameplayData – update game play data by passing json string.

ValidateVIPSubscription – allows you to verify your VIP subscription. If you do not pass a receipt in the argument, then the database will look for the user’s last subscription and verify it.

*On the stage, as indicated in the demo scene, there must be an “InitialDataLoader” script, it loads all the necessary data in the “Start” method.

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