The theme of our today’s blog is Airdrop. I bet iPhone owners thought otherwise. But no, today we will analyze another concept, and not about a fast transfer system between phones.

Simply put, Airdrop is a marketing campaign during which large companies or developers of a new cryptocurrency distribute part of the tokens to users.

What is an airdrop is of interest to everyone who wants to receive coins to their wallet absolutely free. Can this be? Yes, if a special marketing move is used, in which such distribution of the crypt takes place. Interestingly, airdrops are gaining popularity more and more, and new cryptocurrency projects are using it to popularize the product and expand their influence.

In fact, people are being stimulated, because users who receive coins will definitely use them. And if such an experience is positive, then there are high chances that in the future a person will choose this particular crypto for their operations. Airdrop Goals:

– issuing awards to regular customers;
– creating a newsbreak, noise around the project;
– definition of a pool of clients who are ready to cooperate, are open to the product;
– encouraging subscribers to complete tasks that help the growth of the project.

Free distribution occurs to users who already own any coin. Thus, recognition increases, the turnover of a particular crypto grows, and a thematic community develops. Airdrop is also a way to “prolong the life” of a coin, or give it interest at an early stage so that holders can start trading it.

When a developer decides to launch a crypto airdrop, he launches an advertising campaign – makes relevant posts – both on his own resource and on partner ones. Further messages are transferred to social networks.

* If they try to take any payment from you for participating in the Airdrop, then most likely they are scammers. The only cost that may be required is to cover the transaction fee. For example, on the Ethereum network, it can reach $60 for several transactions at peak times.

Where to Track Airdrops

– Groups on Facebook, Twitter, channels in Telegram and other messengers.
– Ask-Me-Anything projects where founders answer users live. The coolest questions are rewarded with branded tokens.
– Listings of monitor sites like Coinmarketcap,,
– Crypto forums like,

Coinmarketcap platform for promotions
The popular information platform Coinmapketcap allows you to participate in exclusive airdrops. Here’s how it’s done.

-Log in to your account and go to the desired section. You can follow the link –
-Study the calendar of ongoing (Ongoing) and future (Upcoming) distributions. The tables show the current number of participants (Participated), how many winners (Number of Winners), the total amount of money distributed (Total Airdrop Amount), the time remaining until completion. You can structure the list according to any of these indicators.
– Click on the offer you are interested in, scroll down the screen and read the terms of participation.
– Click on the big blue Join this Airdrop button. Complete the prerequisites. In this case, you need to add the project to your watchlist on Coinmarketcap, join three Telegram channels, follow 4 Twitter accounts.
– In the next window, enter your wallet address on Binance Smart Chain, your Telegram and Twitter accounts (from which you completed the tasks). It remains to allow the site to transfer data to third parties in order to honestly determine the winners of the draw and confirm that you will not have any claims if you are left without a win.
– After the site confirms successful registration, the active phase ends. We need to wait for the announcement of the results. In case of victory, the money will be credited to the wallet account.